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The Smart Shopper’s Guide to Buying Used Toyota Vehicles in Santa Maria

One of the West Coast’s most popular auto brands, Toyota has earned a sterling reputation for quality, efficiency, and smart technology. That makes Toyota’s cars, trucks, and SUVs especially sought-after by used-car shoppers who are looking for pre-owned models they can count on. Well, you can also count on CarMotive to help you find just the right pre-owned Toyota to meet your lifestyle, budget, and personality. We’re that committed to your satisfaction!

Why Buy a Used Toyota?

Imagine driving a top-notch Toyota product that’s fully equipped with modern technology but costs thousands of dollars less than what you find at a new-car dealership. At CarMotive, we help you drive that dream in vehicles that come with serious discounts due to depreciation. Consider the typical car: It loses some 20% to 30% of its value to first-year depreciation alone then sees its value fall by close to 60% after five years. That money comes right off the top of used-car pricing, plus you also save when it’s time for insurance coverage — which tends to cost less when a car itself costs less to buy.

Yet you can shop with increased confidence nowadays thanks to the rise of used-car history reports. They make it simple to learn about a pre-owned vehicle’s past owners, accident history, service records, and more. With that information, as well as CarMotive dedication to doing things right, you can enjoy the kind of peace of mind you need to seal the deal.

Toyota Technology Highlights

A long-time leader in automotive technology, Toyota has been offering advanced features on its mainstream models for years. As a result, even used Toyota vehicles can have the same kind of amazing tech benefits as brand-new editions. Just remember that exact features will vary by model and these are only a few of the highlights.

  • Toyota takes connectivity to the next level by adding Amazon Alexa compatibility to popular tech resources like WiFi capability, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth, and wireless charging.
  • Drivers who prefer going green will find Toyota’s leading-edge hybrid powertrains provide superior fuel efficiency for models from across the lineup.
  • Standard on most of Toyota’s recent cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans, Safety Sense technology includes automatic braking, adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assistance, and more.
  • You can turn to head-up displays, massive touchscreens, and camera-based digital rearview mirrors to enhance visibility-based functions even further.
  • For family-friendly travels, the Toyota Driver Easy Speak in-cabin PA system and HD rear entertainment systems are available.
  • Toyota Racing Development adds high-performance on- and off-road upgrades for enthusiasts of all stripes.

Purchasing a Used Toyota

CarMotive can meet your needs with easy financing, affordable pricing, and a great selection of pre-owned Toyotas. In fact, the ones listed here are just a sampling of what you can find in our constantly changing inventory. Be sure to check out our showroom, in person or online, to see the latest used Toyota vehicles we have on hand.

  • Toyota’s team of stylish and capable crossover SUVs includes the RAV4, Highlander, and Venza, all offering hybrid technology, and the dynamic C-HR with a daring design.
  • When you need robust body-on-frame strength, the Toyota 4Runner, Sequoia, and the luxurious Land Cruiser are on duty to get more done.
  • For further fuel savings, check out the dedicated hybrid efficiency of the Toyota Prius, Prius v, Prius c, and Prius Prime.
  • Tough trucks include the Toyota Tundra and Tacoma that boast multiple cab styles and bed lengths to help you dominate daily driving and demanding adventures alike.
  • The Toyota GR Supra is here for hardcore enthusiasts who can handle up to 382 hp, while the Toyota 86 is a true rear-wheel-drive performance machine with more affordability.
  • The Toyota Corolla, Camry, and upscale Avalon are for car lovers and can come with optional hybrid powertrains of their own.
  • The unmistakable swagger wagon — the Toyota Sienna — now offers a hybrid powertrain, and that’s in addition to a sport-tuned suspension, all-wheel drive, and a hybrid powertrain.

A Brief History of Toyota

The Toyota Motor Company was founded in the early 1930s as an outgrowth of the Toyoda Automatic Loom Works, which originally built motors for automated weaving machines. Executives eventually changed the company’s name because “Toyota” sounds better than “Toyoda” in Japanese.

As for the first Toyota car, it was the Model AA sedan that launched in 1936. The automaker came to the United States about 20 years later, selling some 288 vehicles from a single California dealership in 1957. Of course, it didn’t take long for the automaker’s cars and trucks to catch on, and Toyota sold its millionth U.S. vehicle in 1972. By 1986, the first Toyota plant in this country was opened, and the company remains one of the top imported brands in the United States today.

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