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The Smart Shopper’s Guide to Buying Used Honda Vehicles in Santa Maria

Used-car buyers often turn to Honda when they want a high-quality pre-owned vehicle with a dash of premium driving excitement built right in. And remember, Honda has grown to become a full-line automaker that can meet your need for cars, SUVs, minivans, and even trucks. CarMotive can help meet your needs as well, since we often have plenty of great used Hondas available for folks in the Santa Maria area, and we’re committed to doing business the right way every time.

Why Buy a Used Honda?

Purchasing a pre-owned Honda is a great way to enjoy an award-winning ride while saving money at the same time. That’s because used Honda cars can provide many of the same features and benefits as newer editions, but with post-depreciation prices. Here’s the deal: In the first year on the road, the typical new car or truck loses 20% to 30% of its value to depreciation. After five years, the same vehicle is only worth about 40% of its original purchase value.

It’s actually great news for used-car buyers, though, since they can save that amount when it’s their turn to make a purchase. Then, since most insurance companies base rates on a vehicle’s value, the cost of coverage for pre-owned vehicles is usually lower than for newer models.

A final thing in your favor is a used-car vehicle history report. It can give you vital information about past owners, service records, accidents, and more, allowing you to buy with informed confidence.

Honda Technology Highlights

Modern technology is a must-have for today’s drivers, and you may be surprised at just how much tech you can get in a pre-owned Honda. The brand is actually an industry leader for safety, infotainment, and efficiency in older vehicles as well as new ones, which means you don’t have to make sacrifices to save money on a used car. (Note: Exact features vary by model.)

  • For a comprehensive package of safety measures, Honda’s Sensing technology can combine adaptive cruise control, automatic braking, traffic-sign recognition, and lane-keeping assistance.
  • A blind-spot monitor, a head-up display, rear cross-traffic alert, and more are also available for additional protection.
  • Honda makes connecting especially easy with wireless functionality for Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and device charging plus Bluetooth and WiFi compatibility.
  • One of the most family-friendly auto brands, Honda has kid-friendly rear-seat entertainment systems plus an in-cabin video monitor so you can keep an eye on whoever’s in the rear rows. There’s even a Honda vacuum system for easy clean ups.
  • Take advantage of advanced powertrains for eco-friendly driving that doesn’t forget about fun.
  • In-bed speaker systems and lockable trunks are among the innovations available in Honda’s trucks.

Purchasing a Used Honda

CarMotive likes to keep a strong stock of used Honda vehicles on hand, and we’re always interested in acquiring more. In fact, the ones listed below are only a few of our favorites. Please be sure to visit our showroom, online or in person, to see our latest used Honda cars, SUVs, and more. Feel free to give us a call, too!

  • Dynamic Honda SUVs like the HR-V, CR-V, Passport, and Pilot have the utility, style, and technology you need to master every day. The CR-V also has an available hybrid system.
  • Robust capability and remarkable innovation go hand in hand with our Honda Ridgeline truck.
  • You’ll enjoy three rows of comfort and versatility in the Honda Odyssey minivan that’s well-equipped for both the daily grind and exceptional family time.
  • With as much cargo space as some small SUVs, the Honda Fit is a fantastically functional hatchback.
  • The Honda Civic has just about everything you want in a compact car, including coupe, hatchback, and sedan body styles along with high-performance Si and Type R models.
  • Get similar benefits in a bigger package with the Honda Accord sedan and coupe that are masters of the mid-size class.
  • The Honda Insight dedicated hybrid is a smart choice for fuel economy, while the Clarity family boasts hybrid, EV, and fuel-cell powertrains.
  • Older models, such as the Honda Element SUV and Honda S2000 roadster, expand your choices further.

A Brief History of Honda

After going into business to build motorcycles in 1948, the Honda Motor Company expanded its range to small cars and trucks beginning in Japan in 1963. The big breakthrough for Honda as an automaker came in 1972 with the debut of the Civic that became an international hit. In the United States, it was the launch of the 1976 Honda Accord that really accelerated the brand’s growth. Honda has sold more than 12.5 million Accords in this country since its introduction, and it’s still going strong.

As Honda’s corporate presence in this country, that dates back to 1959 — four years before the company began selling cars. Today, Honda is firmly established here with a major manufacturing presence that includes many of its most popular models.

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